60 Days of Summer Weight Loss

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Well, it’s already June 20th and I’m sorry to have dropped off the face of the planet. I think I was a little ashamed and also frustrated. The 28 day Fast Metabolism Diet did not work for me as expected. Why? I’m not quite sure but I think it was the portions that I was eating. I was eating too much maybe but I wasn’t dropping any weight.

I’m ashamed because I gave up after a couple weeks and tried counting calories – 1200 calories a day, not net. After about six days of this I binged…just like how it used to be in high-school. Starve and restrict and then binge. I hated it and it was horrible. Am I just eating to eat? Am I stressed cause of work and babysitting and trying to exercise? Why is this so hard for me? I am saying goodbye to this girl. The girl that assumes one bad food means the end all be all for that day. Just because I over eat a little DOES NOT give me the right to keep on gorging until my belly aches. Goodbye binging self.


So I’m going back to portions. Portion control starting tomorrow. I will record everything that I eat, and the exercise I do, for you all to see.

1 Dairy (or alternative)
2 Grains
3 Fruit
2 Fat
6 Protein
(totaling about 1400 calories if each portion is 100 calories, with veggies as unlimited!!)

That is what my nutritionist recommended to me my senior year of high school. And sure enough, I lost 15 pounds. Breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner. Then she even allowed me to eat a NuGo bar SLOWLY after dinner if I was so so hungry.


I know that I can do this. I HAVE TO do this. I will do this. I leave to go back to school On August 20th, which means that I have exactly 2 months – 60 days (not including the day I leave to) to lose 15 pounds. I can do this. And all of y’all will be with me every step of the way as I share with you my exercise, eating, and struggles.

PLEASE – I would love to hear some tips or advice as I start this 60 day journey. What has helped you personally in your weight loss journey? Feel free to comment on this post and any posts in the next 60 days with helpful ideas, tips,  and motivation! And be all means ladies, feel free to join me on the 60 Days of Summer Weight-loss – Personal Challenge!




Turkey or Buffalo Chili

turkey chili

One of the most DELICIOUS chilies that I have ever had! This recipe is for Phase 1 in the Fast Metabolism Diet. I used 96% lean turkey breast meat, so there was no fat remaining in the chili after I precooked the turkey.

Turkey or Buffalo Chili
serves 8 (single portion: 1 1/2 c)

1 to 1 1/2 pounds lean ground turkey or buffalo meat
1/2 c dived red onion
2 tbsp. parsley or cilantro
1 tbsp. chili powder
1 tbsp. minced garlic
1/2 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes
15-ounce can white beans
15-ounce can kidney beans
15-ounce can black beans
15-ounce can pinto beans
15-ounce can lentils or adzuki beans
4 c chopped zucchini
4 c organic bell pepper-tomato soup or plain tomato soup (not milk based)
1 tsp. sea salt

Brown the turkey in the skillet and drain.

turkey meat

Turn a slow cooker to high setting. Add the meat, inion, parsley, chili powder, garlic, and red pepper flakes to the pot. Stir, cover, and set aside.

Open and partially drain all five cans of beans. Add the beans, zucchini, and soup to the cooker. Stir well. Keep the cooker set on high for 4 to 5 hours, or adjust heat to low and simmer for 6 to 8 hours. (Because I do not have a slow cooker, I put a pot on the stove for 1 hour. A slow-cooking recipe that calls for 4 to 6 hours on high setting or 8 to 10 hours on low setting is equivalent to 50 or more minutes of simmering on the stove.)

Stir and taste occasionally, adjust seasonings as needed. Add the salt just before serving to best preserve its nutrients. Enjoy this heart healthy meal with your family or freeze leftovers for another day!


Getting Swimsuit Ready! : The Fast Metabolism Diet (Day 2)

the fast metabolism diet

I’m back! My sister graduated with ease, and I survived the sorority dinners and family lunches, grandparents included. Unfortunately I was limited on dietary options and was forced to eat an entire bag of cheese crackers that thrusted itself upon me. I was a victim! I promise I had no say in the matter. It was either eat the crackers or starve to death. So I chose what any beginner paleo and young adult would do…I ate the cheese crackers. My stomach was doing flip flops the entire next day. Whether it was from the dairy or all the wheat I ate, I have no clue. However I decided that I needed to really focus and seek out more structure while trying to loose weight. It’s hard as a 20 year old to resist temptations and other food choices when you dont know when and what your next meal is going to be.

So upon my return, and after finishing The Fast Metabolism Diet by Haylie Pomroy, I decided to begin this 28-day diet that consists of 3 phases. Then once I completed this diet, I would return to Paleo. I viewed this diet as a sort of transition since it has a couple rules that align with the Paleo diet. A few of these include no wheat, no dairy, no alcohol, no caffeine, no sweeteners etc. Here’s a little more bit more info about this “diet”.

The Fast Metabolism Diet:
The science behind The Fast Metabolism Diet is to consume certain foods at certain times which go hand-in-hand with certain exercises. This 28-day regime works to not only speed up your metabolism but to also re-teach your body to burn food instead of storing it, break down fat stores, and then burn that released fat. These three steps are completed through 3 different phases: Phase 1, lots of carbs and fruits + cardio; Phase 2, proteins and veggies + strength training; Phase 3, all of the above with an emphasis on healthy fats and oils + yoga and relaxation. Phase 1 and Phase 2 last two days each, and Phase 3 lasts three days. Then the phases repeat themselves for another three weeks.

phase 1

Today I completed day two of Phase 1! And let me just say, I feel like I’m not even on a diet. I love cooking. LOVE it. The only problem? I’m a college girl. Therefore I do not have the time to be constantly whipping up home-cooked meals. That two hours it takes to chop vegetables and cook turkey chili (which was absolutely divine might I add) would simply take away from my study time. Plus, after a long day of clinical in the hospital, I’m exhausted by the time I get home and just want to sleep forever. Nonetheless, I am going strong for the next 26-days 🙂

For breakfast I had a refreshing and delicious Oatmeal Strawberry Smoothie that I wanted to share with you all. It was perfect for a pre-workout snack and carried me through an entire 60 minute class of cycling at Flywheel. Here’s the recipe below, enjoy!

Oatmeal Fruit Smoothie (Phase 1)
serves 1

1 c steel-cut oats cooked (or 1/2 c uncooked)
1 c frozen fruit, such as pineapple or strawberries
1/2 c ice cubes
1 packet Stevia
ground cinnamon, to taste

Put the oats in the blender and pulse until they reach a powdery consistency. Turn off the blender and add 1/2 cup of water. Incorporate the remaining ingredients into the mix and blend until smooth. Serve.

Road Trips and Hotel Breakfasts 

Yesterday was a sucess! I don’t know if you’ve ever realized just how hard eating healthy on an 8 hour car ride is…but it’s pretty darn hard. I found myself craving nuts and kind bars, snack food and pretty much any kind of junk food to fill up my tummy. I was starving. And the weird thing was I was littlerally doing nothing but sitting in the passengers seat and blasting country music. 

Then my sister decided that we should go out. In fact, I really had no choice in the matter. We were going out, no if ands or buts. And so go out we did. Her with her bottle of fine white wine and me with my berry flavored sparkling water (which was actually quite tasty might I add). And upon returning at 1:00 am, I avoided the kitchen, grabbed two squares of 85% dark chocolate from my bag and dove into her bed. Like I said, success. 

Now I would like to address the fact that for us paleo folks, hotel breakfasts suck. They suck. I’m sorry if that word offends you (anyone similar to my mom) but I’m simply stating the unspoken truth. Doughy waffles, sugary pastries, greesy bacon, some kind of two egg omelette with cheddar cheese that looks like it came from the kitchen of a McDonalds, canned fruits, and the side of packaged peanutbutter…or just plain butter. 

So my fellow cavemen, I am going to give you some paleo advice. 1) always go for the eggs unless they look like they’re made from powder, then I would suggest opting out. 2) If the meat looks lean like sausage grab a piece. Too greesy? Maybe not your best option. 3) Finally grab a piece of fruit, an apple or banana, and head to the nearest table. That’s pretty much all I got for you…like I said hotel breakfasts suck for the average paleo person, so maybe plan a little in advance and make a grocery run or make reservations at the nearest breakfast spot. 🙂  


Paleo (of course) Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Found this recipe while browsing through fellow bloggers blogs. What I love about this recipe is that there is no almond flour or coconut flour being used. FLOUR FREE just makes me feel like I’m eating clean with such a delicious food. Who doesn’t love guilt-free banana muffins? 🙂 I think I’ll give them a shot when I get back from my sister’s graduation!

Running Wild

Made these delicious paleo banana chocolate chip muffins these weekend. Let’s just say they were all gone by Sunday. With no flour or added sugar, this clean recipe will satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt.

paleo muffins


  • 2 bananas
  • 1 egg
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 cup almond butter
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp apple cider vinegar
  • Dark chocolate chips (to taste)


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.
  1. Blend all ingredients except chocolate chips.
  1. Mix in chocolate chips to amount desired.
  1. Pour into muffin pan with liners (make sure to spray liners).
  1. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until fork comes out clean when inserted.

Makes 8 servings. Each serving macros is equal to (without chocolate chips as that varies):

Calories: 227

Fat (g): 15.6

Carbs (g): 13.8

Fiber (g): 3.75

Protein (g): 8.4

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Time to FLY!

Day 3 of going Paleo and I’m already feeling energized in the mornings (the afternoons however are another story). I woke up to my alarm at 8:30 am and rolled out of bed, eager to make it on time to my second Flywheel indoor cycling class of the summer. But first…breakfast?

Have you ever had that feeling when you wake up starving? It’s absolutely amazing. I love going to bed early and waking up hungry, a feeling that I missed in college after countless late-nights filled with popcorn and chocolate “study snacks.” But now that hunger ate at my insides as I dressed and walked down to the kitchen. I was tempted to eat something light before my morning workout, since I had read the night before that not eating anything in the first 30 minutes of waking-up is the worst thing you could do for your metabolism. In Haylie Pomroy’s New York Times Bestseller, The Fast Metabolism Diet, she pleads for you to to put something into your stomach prior to exercising. “You might think you’re burning more fat this way, but in reality it is one of the worst things you can do to your metabolism,” Pomroy explains.

I had tried the whole breakfast thing before Flywheel two days ago, and personally my performance was weak. Maybe it was my long time absence from Flywheel or how out of shape I am from taking last week off from my daily gym cardio sessions. Never the less, this morning I opted for a cup of black earl grey tea with a little bit of skim milk. Now I know that Paleo rules and regulations limit dairy, but if you must have dairy, opt for half & half, cream, and whole milk because they are less processed and have the fat that will keep you satisfied. Besides the fact that half & half will never find itself in my cup of tea, skim milk was the only thing left in the refrigerator.

And boy did that skim milk pay off. I rocked the cycling class with a total power of 276, improving my total power from last time by 43 points. This total power of 276 is two points away from my BEST EVER total power of 278 that I reached in November of last year. We have a Flywheel near my University as well as in my home town, so I was first introduced to Flywheel by my sorority sisters. Is cycling something that I want to continue during my junior year of college? Or is it going to result in bulking up (which is the exact opposite of the lean look I am trying to achieve)?

Tomorrow morning I am leaving town for my sister’s graduation so I will be running outside in the mornings. It’s a week of ceremonies, food receptions, and parties…aka grains, desserts, and cocktails. I promise I will weigh myself when I return so that I can prove to myself and all of you that I can do this. I will do this.

Now please excuse me while I go soak my sore legs in an Epsom salts bath.

Never coast,
Your Modern Cavewoman

Becoming a Modern Cavewoman

food paleo

Let me start by saying that I was always a very athletic person with lots of muscle. I played sports all year round in high school, enjoyed outside runs, and backpacking in the Sierra Nevada. However with freshman year of college approaching, I got scared. Why? I was nervous about gaining the dreaded freshman 15. I worked out all summer and focused on portion control until my 5’7″ frame weighed 133 pounds. I felt confident and ready as I left home for my first year at college. Sure enough however, after getting hit with mono, I gained not 15 but close to 20 pounds. I returned home for the summer devastated, but also ready to lose the weight that I had put on. I tried calorie-counting, and juicing but non of these worked, and I still weighed 153 pounds as I headed into sophomore year.

With sophomore year coming to a close, I realize that I am again longing for and ready to fight for my pre-freshman body. I’m tired of feeling overweight and self-conscious and I am ready to work to free myself of this extra 20 pound burden. My mom went on Paleo last summer and she is my role model, still going one year strong. She looks amazing and has lost a lot of weight. Two days ago, I decided I would give it a try.

Now, I’m not going to go into giant detail about what Paleo is and the foods to include and not to include (there are a ton of books out there that focus on this) however it mainly consists of meats/poultry/seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts/seeds, and healthy oils. NO sugars, NO legumes (including peanuts and peanut butters), not much dairy, and NO grains.

And so I decided to start a blog. I wanted to be able to share my story and my journey, as well as recipes and tricks, with other college girls who are battling weight gain and un-healthy eating. I hope that this blog and my experience will help inspire others to live healthier lifestyles, feel more alive, and shed unwanted pounds that have been hanging on for too long.